Monday, October 29, 2012

Spice Storage

I saw this over at savvy-living today and immediately thought of it's usefulness on a boat.

Spice Storage

The pro's:
- sturdy, spill-proof storage
- use the manufacturer's containers (no need to buy something else)
- can be mounted in multiple locations

I'd consider mounting this inside a cabinet door, over on a bulkhead in the galley. Depending on your preferences, you could spray paint this to get a better color-match inside as well. Available at many dollar stores, WalMart, etc. One idea, to trial run this, would be to mount it with Velcro first, or double-sided tape, to determine if the location works, then mount with screws later.

The con's:
- being made of mild steel, it is prone to rust over time
- elegance factor is low(er) if you're mounting this in the open
- Possibly considered overkill for spices; these clamps will hold a lot of weight

If in a protected environment, these should last a while. Again, consider using an overcoat of spray paint to help increase the longevity. Thanks Kayla!